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                                      Nednipa Udompuntha

         I heard about God while living in America and professed to believe in Him in 2002.† My conversion was more like a change of religion rather than a true understanding and having a personal relationship with God spiritually.† My expectations were to be successful in business, prestige, honor and possessions. Although I attended church regularly and tried to follow the teachings of God, my heart was never at peace.† I had lived my life depending on my own strength and I was never satisfied with the success I had attained.† I focused on my own desires more than anything else, and that caused a lot of disharmony in my marriage.† I was bossy in the family and that caused my husband to lose confidence, for fear of displeasing me.† I never saw the importance of my husbandís feelings.† In all of my sins and mistakes, I viewed my behavior as something that is common.† I never desired to change because I thought that I was already a good person.†

         When I returned to Thailand to care for my motherís family in Bangkok, I met some Christian friends. In the beginning of 2009, I was invited to join Womenís Ministries Bible study group.† Not long after studying the Word of God, I discovered how to truly live a Christian life in a way that is pleasing to the Lord.† I began to see my own sins in different areas, especially how I was not respecting the leadership of my husband, having no time for my son, and neglecting my responsibility as a house wife. God has changed my attitude; and with His help, I am able to submit to my husband in a gentle way. In the past, I never cooked nor cared for my home, but today I am doing all these things and very much delighted to serve my husband.† I have also been taking the time to teach my son in the way of the Lord.† The most important thing of all, is that I truly have the joy and peace of God in my heart. This is the greatest change that has ever happened to me. My life goal has changed completely, and my heartís desire is to live a life that glorifies God in all areas.†